Taxpayer Rip-Off: Fauci and NIH Caught Pocketing Royalties from Public Inventions!

Newly released documents have shed light on the royalties paid to National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, before, during, and after the pandemic. These findings have raised serious questions about Fauci’s credibility and transparency during his testimony before Congress.

The transparency watchdog OpenTheBooks has provided over 1,500 pages of records, revealing that top NIH officials and thousands of scientists personally received royalty payments from companies that licensed their taxpayer-funded inventions. This raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest and misuse of public funds.

During congressional hearings, Fauci and other NIH leaders claimed that they could not disclose the names of the companies paying these third-party royalties. However, OpenTheBooks took legal action, filing a lawsuit with Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the unredacted documents.

The newly released report shows that between September 2009 and October 2020, there were numerous royalty payments, some of which came from companies that had received federal contracts and grants. This raises suspicions about ethical conduct and conflicts of interest within the NIH.

In recent Senate hearings, Senator Rand Paul confronted Fauci about his royalty payments, but Fauci evaded the questions and feigned ignorance of the issue. This lack of transparency and accountability further undermines Fauci’s credibility as a leading authority on public health.

OpenTheBooks founder and CEO, Adam Andrzejewski, emphasized the importance of scrutinizing these records for potential conflicts of interest, public health implications, and even national security concerns. He also pointed out that Fauci has a history of using taxpayer dollars for his own inventions and profiting from royalty payments.

The newly-released documents reveal that Fauci received payments from three different companies: Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Ancell Corporation, and Chiron Corporation. These revelations warrant further investigation into Fauci’s financial interests and whether they have influenced his decision-making and public health guidance.

It is vital for every American to understand the significance of this information, as it affects the trust and transparency of the federal government’s public health guidance. Faith in our institutions depends on holding influential figures like Fauci accountable for their actions and potential conflicts of interest.

Written by Staff Reports

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