Ted Cruz Slams Biden’s “Little Marxists” Handling Debt Crisis

In a recent interview, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) laid into the Biden administration’s handling of the debt ceiling crisis. Cruz didn’t hold back as he referred to the decision-makers in the White House as “20-something and 30-something little Marxists.” The Senator was alarmed at the possibility of a default on the national debt, stating that he is more worried now than ever before.

Cruz attributed his concerns to a perceived lack of engagement and mental acuity from President Biden. He stated that he doesn’t believe Biden is up to the task and expressed concern over the President’s reliance on young, radical staff. According to Cruz, these staffers lack the necessary experience and understanding to fully comprehend the implications of a debt default.

Furthermore, Cruz criticized the Biden administration for their apparent lack of communication with Republican Senators. He noted that the President doesn’t talk to Republican Senators and that all of the Republican Senators in the Senate have never once spoken to the President. This apparent lack of engagement is in stark contrast to Cruz’s experience with former President Donald Trump, with whom he spoke on a weekly basis, if not every day.

Senator Cruz expressed concern that the young, radical staffers in the White House have no appreciation for just how damaging a default would be. He believes they would be willing to force a default and blame it on the Republicans. According to Cruz, this would be wildly irresponsible.

Cruz’s criticisms couldn’t come at a more critical time. The debt ceiling issue has become another point of contention between Democrats and Republicans, with tensions running high in Washington D.C. It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will respond to Cruz’s concerns and the ongoing debt ceiling standoff. But if they continue down this path of radicalism and inexperience, the future of America looks bleak.

Source: Trending Politics

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