Ted Cruz: Stanford Law “Training Activists” to Push Left-Wing Agenda

During a recent podcast episode, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, revealed that Stanford Law School's true agenda is not to train future lawyers, but to train professional left-wing activists. The evidence for this was shown during an incident that occurred on Thursday at Stanford Law. At this event, hosted by the school's conservative Federalist Society chapter, hundreds of administrators and students shouted down federal judge Kyle Duncan as he tried to deliver a speech.

Senator Cruz expressed his strong disapproval of the incident, emphasizing that he had never witnessed a federal judge being treated with such disrespect regardless of their political affiliation. He further highlighted what he believed to be hypocrisy in the situation, pointing out that if a liberal judge were subjected to a similar incident, it would generate a significant reaction from the public.

Following the incident, Stanford Law issued an apology letter, but this seemed to have inflamed the students even more. On Monday, a group of students from Stanford held a demonstration outside the classroom of the Stanford Law Dean, Jenny Martinez. The students were dressed in black and white and had their faces covered with masks. After her class, they confronted Martinez, staring her down, and insisted on their right to disrupt Duncan's speech.

It is clear that Stanford Law is not interested in training the next generation of lawyers. Instead, they are using their resources to indoctrinate students with radical left-wing ideology. This type of behavior is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. It is time for Stanford Law to stop wasting its resources on training professional left-wing activists and start focusing on training the next generation of lawyers.

Written by Staff Reports

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