The Biden ‘Efficiency’ Rule, at Least 50% of All Gas Stoves in the United States Would Be Prohibited

A new Department of Energy regulation proposed by Biden would effectively ban half of all gas stoves in the country.

According to a report by the DOE, about half of all gas-fired cooking appliances in the country would not meet the new efficiency standards under Biden's proposal.

The agency noted that the proposed regulations would help preserve the market share of gas stoves that have continuous cast iron grates and high-input rate burners. Both features consume a lot of energy, so the regulations will prioritize the public's needs.

In a memo released last week, the DOE noted that about 40 percent of the country's gas stove market does not feature either of the features required by the proposed regulations. These features are expected to meet the energy efficiency standard of 1,204 thousand British Thermal Units annually.

Manufacturers and sellers of gas stoves did not respond positively to the 50% projection.

According to Jill Notini, a spokesperson for the appliance industry, the DOE's analysis was poor in its justification for the proposed regulations.

Notini noted that the agency was rushing to implement the regulations, which she said was an attempt to cover its tracks. Despite the poor analysis, the appliance industry was still at the table when it came to developing the regulations.

In December, the DOE released a technical support document that showed that about 20 out of 21 tested models did not meet the energy output threshold of 96%.

That figure caught the attention of Steve Daines, a senator from Montana. He sent a letter to the DOE, saying that Biden's proposal would effectively ban the entire gas stove industry.

In his letter to Jennifer Granholm, the DOE Secretary, Daines noted that the agency's analysis showed that only 4% of the gas stove market would meet the new energy efficiency standard.

Daines noted that the data contradicted the statement made by an official in a hearing regarding the proposed regulations.

Due to the outcry over the proposed regulations, the Biden administration decided to back off its plans to ban gas stoves.

Andrew Light, an official at the DOE, told members of Congress during a hearing last week that the administration did not intend to ban gas stoves.

Daines said that the conflicting messages from the Biden administration and the DOE have caused him to feel frustrated.

The conflicting messages from the administration and the agency have caused a lot of confusion among the public and members of Congress. As a result, he said, the public should be allowed to make comments on the proposed regulations so that they can properly prepare for the possible impact of the regulations.

Due to the conflicting statements made by the agency and the lack of clarity regarding the proposed regulations, Daines said it was important that the DOE provided members of Congress with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

According to a settlement, the regulations on cooking efficiency will be finalized by January 2024.

Instead, the Biden administration decided to move ahead with its climate agenda by implementing the regulations through a bureaucratic method.

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