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The Economy Is Great! Says Kamala

If you believe Kamala Harris, the border czarina, the economy is doing wonderfully. In a recent tweet, she boasted about new work opportunities. However, the employment added in 2021 were merely replacements for those lost due to COVID. The job market has been solid this year, but the last month has been disappointing.

She is, however, still lying. During the epidemic, the United States lost 10 million jobs, of which eight million have been replaced. There’s nothing special about this place. Thanks to Democrat initiatives like paying people to stay at home, the recovery has been poor.

Let us not forget that we are experiencing record shortages, high inflation, and a coming conflict in which Ukraine is losing. Even our stock market has suffered under Biden’s leadership.

Drones and missiles are being sent to Ukraine. They had better not harm their motherland, Russia warned. This is quite alarming, and the media has chosen to ignore it.

Jamie Dimon is forecasting a “hurricane” of a recession, and he wants us to “brace” ourselves.

We are unmistakably on the verge of a bad recession. The administration is doing everything wrong and has no way of going backwards.

How could she say such a thing? It casts the administration in a ludicrous light.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

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