The Internal Revenue Service Was Exposed As Having a Racist Agenda Against White

The conservative legal group America's First Legal Foundation claimed that Biden's executive order aimed to change the algorithms used by the IRS to target individuals of color.

The IRS is reportedly planning on implementing racial justice reforms in order to target people of color.

In 2021, Biden issued an executive order aimed at improving the racial equity of the country's communities. It urged the federal government to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the issue.

Last week, Biden also issued another executive order aimed at supporting the communities of color. It required the federal government to develop an annual plan of action to improve the racial equity of its agencies.

The executive order stated that the government should take various steps to prevent discrimination and safeguard the public from algorithmic discrimination.

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL) claimed that the Treasury Department was carrying out a plan to implement racial quotas and racial data manipulation in the audit algorithms of the Internal Revenue Service.

The legal team of the AFL then submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the Treasury Department. They asked for the records of various officials, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The documents sought information on various topics, such as discrimination, racial and ethnic categories, and audits. They also asked for details on the implementation of the executive order and the steps taken to improve the racial equity of the country's communities.

The IRS currently chooses tax returns for audit based on the National Research Program's random selection process. The AFL claimed that Biden's executive order could lead to changes in how the agency chooses returns for review.

The organization claimed that the administration's racial fixations could lead to racial discrimination against white, mixed-race, and Asian taxpayers.

AFL General Counsel Gene Hamilton said that racial factors should not have a significant impact on how the IRS carries out its business.

However, he noted that the IRS was being set up to carry out targeted enforcement actions against people of color due to the administration's racial obsessions. The organization will also oppose efforts to weaken the law and implement regulations that are discriminatory.

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