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The Most Recent Mass Shooting Has Received ZERO Coverage in the Mainstream Media – Wonder Why?

Democrats party members have an extraordinary capacity to modify word definitions to fit their current political goal.

‘Woman’ used to be a word with a widely agreed definition and little controversy. A woman was just a person with female anatomy, but liberals turned the definition on its head as they spread radical gender theory all across country.

A whole other term that radical leftists have used in order to promote a particular political narrative is “mass shooting.”

The current definition of a “mass shooting” is an incident in which a white (or obviously white) gunman kills multiple individuals of colour. When these race based norms aren’t satisfied, major “news” outlets pay no attention and the left shows no concern.

Meanwhile, if we’re being honest about who is responsible for’mass shootings,’ it’s evident that this is just another progressive ruse to disarm the entire population.

On Saturday, a violent mass shooting occurred in the Democrat-controlled city of Philadelphia, which resulted in three deaths and at least 11 injuries. The incident took place in the heart of Philadelphia’s famed downtown nightlife district.

Eyewitness video of the commotion leading up to the shooting illustrates why there has been no major media coverage of this mass shooting:

An officer tried to fire one of the criminals “from about 30 feet away,” according to Philadelphia Police, although it was unclear whether he made any impact. There have been no arrests in connection with the mass shooting on Saturday.

However, considering the gunman’s race, what are the chances that he would face severe jail time if he had been apprehended?

‘Defund the Police’ liberals have already neutered entire police forces. Their aversion to policing predominantly black areas derives entirely from the left.

None of the other policemen want to become the Derek Chauvin.

Leftism and its ‘politically correct’ bullying techniques have resulted in the country’s worst crime epidemic in nearly 40 years.

Every once-great metropolis now ruled by Democrats has degraded into a refuge for open drug use, violent crime, prostitution, and other heinous activities akin to those perpetrated in a third-world country.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Bearded Patriot.

Written by Staff Reports

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