The World Health Organization Cancels Covid-19 Research for an Incredible Reason

The WHO's second phase of the COVID origins study was quietly shelved due to the difficulties encountered in carrying out essential tests in mainland China.

After the initial report on the origins of COVID was released in March 2021, the WHO eventually acknowledged the issues with the study. In August 2021, the agency announced the second phase of the study.

Despite the WHO's efforts to conceal the Chinese government's failure to provide raw data, the media still regarded the report as a definitive debunking of the lab leak theory.

In July 2021, Scott Hounsell of the WHO revealed that the organization's initial study on the origins of COVID had been altered. The report was only authorized after the efforts of US Senator Rand Paul.

During a Senate hearing in May, Senator Rand Paul questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci of the WHO about the agency's study on the SARS-CoV-2 evolution. A number of prominent virologists then released a letter to the WHO, challenging the findings of the study. They also called for a fresh look at the lab-leak theory.

According to Angela Rasmussen, the WHO's team members were unable to carry out their duties due to the difficulties encountered while carrying out the tests in China.

Researchers expressed their disappointment that the investigation on the COVID evolution won't be carried out. They noted that the information gained from the study could help prevent future epidemics. However, according to Rasmussen, the lack of access to China prevented the WHO from carrying out important studies.

Another virologist noted that the WHO should speak out about how the Chinese authorities were hindering the investigation.

According to Gerald Keusch, an associate director of the Boston University's laboratory, the global community handled the issue poorly. He also noted that the WHO was not cooperative enough with China.

Without information indicating that COVID-19 was intentionally released or made to be a part of China's weaponization program, the public will never know how it was created. As a result, the international community should put the country on notice and hold it accountable for the outbreak and the damage it caused.

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