THIS State Says NO To Schools Still Pushing CRT

It is not just Florida that is getting adamant about keeping the critical race theory out of school systems and dropping the hammer on educators who persist in teaching children the abhorrent, anti-white, and anti-American teachings that are affiliated with that despicable ideology. This is something that leftists who are involved in propagandizing to the children in their care are learning. Florida is not the only state that is getting serious about this.

Tulsa Public Schools got smacked down for not complying with the state's anti-CRT law, which the state of Oklahoma used as an opportunity to demonstrate its mettle and signal its resolve regarding enforcing the law and keeping children safe from CRT. The state of Oklahoma is getting serious about keeping such a toxic ideology out of schools as well, and it just proved its mettle and indicated its resolve regarding those two issues.

It was reported by Fox 23, a local news outlet, that the Oklahoma State Board of Education not only voted to hold those schools in Tulsa that had been pushing the much-hated ideology responsible for their doing so, but that they have finally struck at the CRT-pushing schools with an iron fist, hitting them with an even harsher punishment than was initially recommended to hit them with. The news regarding this matter came from Fox 23. Fox 23 reported that the State Board of Education not only voted to hold those schools in According to the reporting of that outlet:

Legislators and the Tulsa Classroom Teachers' Association have issued statements in response to the decision of the State Board of Education to lower the accreditation of the Tulsa Public Schools. This comes as a result of the board's finding that TPS violated House Bill 1775, which is the statute governing Critical Race Theory.

The Oklahoma State Education Board decided by a vote of 4-2 to impose a penalty on the district that was harsher than what was initially suggested for it. In the end, the board came to the conclusion that it would be in the best interest of the district to lower its accreditation status from "accreditation with deficiency" to the more severe "accreditation with warning."

According to the board, to be accredited with warmth indicates that "the site (or school) fails to meet one or more of the standards." causes a significant drop in the overall standard of the educational offerings provided by the institution."

The vote is significant because it demonstrates that, at least for the time being, the state is determined to do everything it takes to make certain that its anti-CRT statute is not breached by the communist teachers who have invaded several schools. This is crucial since the law prohibits CRTs.

When other states may pass anti-CRT legislation to the applause of conservative pundits but then hold back from enforcing them when doing so becomes controversial, it appears that Oklahoma intends to do the much harder thing and take action to enforce the law. This contrasts with other states, which may pass anti-CRT laws to the applause of liberal pundits.

The kind of mentality and vision of America that is imbued by the instruction of CRT is quite destructive, as was understood by those that voted to make the state's anti-CRT bill into law. And such a thing is evidently necessary, as such a mindset and vision of America is instilled by the teaching of CRT.

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