TikTok Funds $400K for Woman’s Attacker: Justice Fails Again

In a shocking turn of events that makes you question the sanity of humanity, TikTokers have reportedly raised over $400,000 for a homeless man who viciously assaulted a woman. This is the world we live in, folks. A world where people reward criminals and punish the innocent. It’s truly a topsy-turvy dystopia.

So, let’s break it down. This homeless man, Alonzo Douglas Hebron, attacked a woman back in June 2020. The poor victim, who wishes to stay anonymous because apparently even victims aren’t safe from cancel culture, recognized her attacker in a viral video. Can you imagine the horror of seeing your assailant getting famous on the internet while you’re still recovering from the trauma? It’s like a nightmare come to life.

But wait, it gets worse. A college intern, probably swept up in the delusions of her liberal ideology, decided to film herself buying tea for this despicable criminal. And guess what? Through the magic of social media, she managed to raise a whopping $400,000 for him on GoFundMe. Are you kidding me? This guy should be locked up for life, not rolling in dough courtesy of some naïve do-gooder.

Let’s not forget the actual attack itself. This man smothered the victim’s face with a scarf while she was peacefully sleeping outside a church. How charming. He then proceeded to punch her repeatedly for several minutes. What kind of person does that? Oh right, a sociopath with no sense of remorse, according to the victim herself. And yet, we’re supposed to feel sorry for this monster?

Thankfully, justice was served to some extent. Hebron was sentenced to four years in prison for his heinous crime. But here’s the kicker – this is not his first offense. Nope, this guy has a whole rap sheet. In 2012, he stabbed a man in the neck with a screwdriver. And in 2013, he did it again. What a charming fellow. Can someone please explain to me how we ended up raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for a repeat offender?

Look, I’m not blaming the college intern entirely. She may have had good intentions, but she clearly fell into the trap of virtue signaling without doing her due diligence. The victim herself acknowledges that the TikToker “meant well,” but let’s not forget that she was paint

Written by Staff Reports

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