“Tiny D”? Trump Weighs In on DeSantis’ 2024 Plans

As former President Donald Trump flew back to Florida from his first campaign stop in Iowa this cycle, he weighed in on a potential nickname for Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump, who has been critical of DeSantis in the past, is reportedly considering calling the Governor “Tiny D”. When asked about the nickname during an interview with reporters on his airplane, Trump responded, “Tiny D is good.”

Trump went on to explain why he gave DeSantis the nickname “Ron DeSanctimonious”, saying that he never liked it when someone doesn’t reciprocate a favor. Trump endorsed DeSantis for governor, but now regrets it. Trump also compared DeSantis to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney during his speech in Iowa.

It is clear that President Trump is not a fan of Governor DeSantis, and it appears that he is looking to use the nickname “Tiny D” to take a jab at the Governor. While it is unclear if the nickname will stick, it is clear that President Trump is not afraid to express his opinion about DeSantis. It will be interesting to see if this rivalry continues as DeSantis is seen as one of Trump’s main rivals for the 2024 presidential race.

Written by Staff Reports

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