Top Democrat Praises American Censhorship

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut has praised the Global Engagement Center (GEC) despite recent evidence that it is aiding in the censorship of Americans’ online content. Murphy grilled Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the proposed budget for the State Department, which includes the GEC. Murphy claimed the GEC is key to combating alleged disinformation from places like Russia.

Instead of voicing his concerns over the GEC’s suppression of free speech, Murphy believes it should take a primary role in counteracting misinformation. Murphy went on to say that without GEC, there is no way to combat Russian and Chinese propaganda efforts.

Journalist Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files revealed that the GEC had engaged in efforts to flag social media posts that it considered foreign misinformation. In fact, some of the flagged posts were factually accurate, and others were made by ordinary American citizens with no affiliation with foreign disinformation campaigns.

The GEC’s targeting of posts related to the lab leak theory of COVID-19 is particularly concerning. The GEC claimed that this theory was part of a foreign disinformation campaign, but failed to provide any direct evidence of the claim. When asked if the State Department still supports the lab leak theory, former Spokesperson Ned Price had no direct answer.

Despite these concerns, Blinken emphasized the importance of the GEC in renewing its authorization. Blinken stated that competitors and malign actors are using disinformation against US interests “every second of the day.” It is essential that the GEC plays a leading role in ensuring the truth prevails.

It is clear that the GEC has strayed from its original mission. It is supposed to combat foreign propaganda, not censor American voices. The GEC must return to its roots and do its job fairly without targeting innocent Americans. The Republican Party stands for free speech and the GEC must respect this fundamental right.

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