Tough Delaware Judge Could Spell Trouble for Hunter Biden in Gun Case

Hunter Biden’s gun trial judge, Maryellen Noreika, dished out a one-year sentence to another gun case wrongdoer, Zhi Dong. This sentencing could give us a glimpse into how tough Noreika might get on Hunter if he’s found guilty of his gun mess. Now, what is Hunter tangled up in? Well, he’s facing charges for fibbing about getting a gun, having a gun while juggling a drug addiction, and lying some more about gun stuff. Sounds like a real party, huh?

The situation gets crazier! Hunter apparently went on a crack trip before snagging that firearm, according to snapshots from his old laptop, and then decided to toss the gun away like it was yesterday’s newspaper, landing it next to a school of all places. The Secret Service even swooped in like superheroes in a comic book to deal with that hot mess.

Noreika threw the book at Zhi Dong for telling porky pies about where he lived when buying guns in Delaware. Dong ‘fessed up to living in Maryland but pretending he resided in Delaware. He really went the extra mile by shipping those firearms all the way to California, raising eyebrows about possible gun trafficking.

The defense tried to sweet-talk Noreika into a six-month timeout for Dong, but no dice! She gave him a whole year, showing she’s not one to play games. If you ask Peter Tilem, a lawyer who knows his way around gun cases, he’d tell you that when a judge goes all double trouble on the sentence recommended by the prosecution, it’s like a blast of cold air for defense attorneys.

For more Hunter drama, keep an eye on United States v. Hunter Biden in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. And if you want another spicy take, check out what Alex Marlow had to say about Hunter’s gun troubles. Catch Wendell Husebo keeping you in the loop with all the juicy details on Breitbart News – that guy knows how to spill the political tea!

Written by Staff Reports

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