Trump Backs Israel, Blames Biden’s Iran Deal for Deadly Attacks

Former President Donald Trump expressed his sincere condolences to Israel after the despicable acts of violence committed by Palestinian terrorists, resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians and the abduction of numerous others. In a press release, Trump made it clear that Israel has the absolute right to defend itself using whatever means necessary. And let’s not forget the role that American taxpayer dollars played in funding these attacks. It begs the question: did the Biden Administration’s recent deal with Iran contribute to this tragedy? Many reports seem to suggest so.

Just a few weeks ago, President Biden struck a controversial agreement with the Iranian regime, which included the release of prisoners and an astonishingly large sum of cash. Experts in defense and foreign policy have speculated that the sophistication of these attacks indicates possible involvement by the Iranian government. It’s alarming to think that the same regime receiving billions of dollars from the United States might be funding acts of terror in the Middle East.

We can’t ignore the fact that the Biden Administration is indulging in dangerous appeasement tactics with Iran. Handing over billions of dollars to a terrorist regime only fuels the flames of violence and instability in the region. This display of incompetence by President Biden is undoubtedly eroding the peace achieved through the Abraham Accords, which were championed by the Trump administration. It’s disheartening to witness the rapid deterioration of progress in the Middle East under Biden’s leadership.

The situation in Israel is dire, with numerous militants breaching Israeli territory and indiscriminately attacking civilians. Scores of innocent lives have been lost, and hundreds are injured. To make matters worse, Israeli civilians have been abducted and taken as hostages by these militants. The scale and brutality of these attacks are unprecedented, with over 2,500 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Comparatively, during the 11-day conflict in 2021, approximately 4,000 rockets were launched.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rightfully declared that his nation is at war, not just engaged in an operation. He has ordered the mobilization of reserves and a thorough cleansing of the settlements infiltrated by these terrorists. Israel will ensure that the enemy pays a heavy price for their heinous actions. Yet, as this report is published, there is a deafening silence from President Biden. His failure to address these atrocities promptly raises serious concerns about his commitment to our allies and the security of the United States.

It is critical that President Biden takes swift and decisive action to support Israel during these challenging times. The United States must stand by its allies and condemn the acts of terror perpetrated by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups. This moment requires strong leadership, and it is time for President Biden to step up and show the world that America remains a reliable and unwavering force for peace and security. Anything less would be a grave disservice to our own citizens and the stability of the entire Middle East.

Written by Staff Reports

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