Trump Calls For 2020 Re-Do After Twitter Files Expose MASSIVE Election Meddling

Elon Musk released a series of files on Twitter known as the "Twitter Files." These documents show that the Biden campaign asked the platform to remove certain information about Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The New York Post posted a story about Hunter Biden's laptop, and Twitter removed the link to the article. The platform also blocked the people who tried to share it.

It also locked the account of then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for tweeting about the story.

The computer, which was left at a Delaware repair shop, contained numerous emails that showed how Biden influenced his son Hunter.

The New York Post reported that the FBI was involved, and they warned that state actors might try to access and leak information about Hunter Biden before the election.

Rep. James Comer of the House Oversight Committee said that he would hold the individuals responsible for the censorship of the story accountable.

According to Comer, the Democrats' main problem is that they were scared of the story because it proved that Biden was involved in the illegal business deals that his family was involved in. The evidence proved that he had lied to the American people about his family's ties with these types of deals. This is something that every American should be worrying about.

The revelations on Twitter led to former President Donald Trump calling for a new election, even if it's not allowed under the Constitution.

In response to the allegations of massive and widespread fraud and corruption, Trump called for a new election. He claimed that the Democrats were working with the Big Tech Companies and the Democratic Party to suppress the results of the 2020 presidential election. He also said that these actions could lead to the termination of various regulations and rules. The American founders would not allow such fraudulent elections.

The White House referred to Trump's statement as an "unprecedented condemnation." Some Republicans also distanced themselves from the former president.

Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio criticized Trump's call for a new election, and a Republican from New York said that he didn't support it. According to Mike Lawler, the Constitution was established to protect the rights of Americans.

The "Twitter Files" brought back allegations that political censorship by the Big Tech Companies helped Biden win the presidential election. This new issue has also led to the formation of a new committee by House Republicans in 2023.

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