Will Biden’s DHS Criminalize Political Dissent?

The Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin on Wednesday, which indicated that the US is still in a heightened threat environment. It noted that small groups and individuals inspired by ideological beliefs continue to pose a threat to the homeland. However, while the agency is still monitoring these individuals, it is also concerned that they could use upcoming events such as the elections and the two-year anniversary of the incident at the US Capitol to carry out attacks. The message is clear: DHS will continue to focus its resources on identifying and preventing attacks by those who are against the Leftist establishment.

The agency that is handling Joe Biden’s counterterror efforts plans to release Muslim criminals into the US.

The DHS warned that there are potential targets for violence, such as the LGBTQI+ community and religious and racial minorities, as well as government facilities and personnel. These experts, who are referred to as terrorism experts, seem to have a Leftist stereotype of individuals who are against the Leftist ideology, such as Joe Biden. He or other individuals like him have been known to carry out violent attacks against those they hate.

The real threat of Leftist terrorists, who caused billions of dollars in damage during the riots that occurred in 2020, is completely ignored by DHS. The agency doesn’t even consider the existence of individuals who are pro-LGBTQI+ and are obsessed with Joe Biden’s authoritarian America-Last regime.

Aside from the Islamic State plot mentioned in the bulletin, the jihad terror threat is still ignored. This is especially true since the Biden regime has brought thousands of Afghan refugees into the country. On Oct. 30, 2022, the Washington Times reported that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not deporting Afghan refugees who have criminal backgrounds.

In March 2022, the Department of Homeland Security announced a program known as Temporary Protected Status, which was a deportation amnesty for Afghans who were in the US. The administration claimed that Afghanistan was in chaos and could no longer accept returning nationals.

According to Tom Homan, who was the head of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement during the Trump administration, the criminals who were granted temporary protected status would most likely be released into the country. He noted that the agency follows a 2001 Supreme Court ruling that limits the length of time that immigrants can be detained.

Those who have been in the US for six months and show no signs of being deported can be freed if the government doesn’t have a compelling reason for their removal. This includes child molesters and rapists.

According to the report, over 80,000 Afghan refugees were evacuated from Afghanistan and brought to the US through a special program operated by the Biden administration. There could be various types of Islamic militants and common criminals among them, but the DHS bulletin didn’t identify them as a potential terror threat.

In addition, the report revealed that some domestic violent extremist groups in the US praised the October 2022 shooting at a gay bar in Slovakia and encouraged more violence. The suspect also posted a manifesto online that talked about his white supremacist beliefs. Despite the relatively small number of violent incidents that occurred during the midterm elections, the DHS still noted that political tensions could still contribute to the formation of a violent group.

In the past few months, there have been several calls for violence against various targets, such as candidates and elected officials. Even the attack on Paul Pelosi was mentioned as evidence of right-wing extremism, which is regarded as the biggest threat to the country.

The DHS is playing politics with the security and safety of Americans. Instead of focusing on the various threats that have been identified, such as the one involving jihad terrorism, the agency has been focusing on the fabrication of right-wing extremist groups and the silencing of critics.

The goal of the NTSA Bulletin is to criminalize political dissent, and this is the message of the latest bulletin. The need for a counterterror apparatus is also apparent.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on PJ Media.

Written by Staff Reports

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