Trump Campaign Demolishes Biden’s Cognitive Fitness in Fiery Statement

The Trump campaign finally broke their silence on Joe Biden’s cognitive issues, and boy, did they come out swinging. After last week’s presidential debate, where Biden’s performance was about as impressive as a stale piece of bread, it was only a matter of time before Team Trump seized the opportunity to pounce on Sleepy Joe’s mental lapses.

In a statement released by campaign staffers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, the Trump campaign wasted no time in pointing out the hypocrisy of Democrats who are suddenly calling for Biden to step down. It’s like a classic case of rats abandoning ship, except for Kamala Harris, who’s probably too busy measuring the White House for new curtains.

The Trump team didn’t hold back, accusing Democrats, the mainstream media, and the so-called swamp of colluding to hide the truth about Biden’s cognitive decline. And let’s not forget the iconic Trump touch with the nickname “Cackling Copilot Kamala Harris” thrown in for good measure. 


The statement also highlighted the importance of alternative media like RedState in exposing the truth that the legacy media tried to sweep under the rug. With Biden’s mental and physical deterioration on full display, it’s clear that the emperor has no clothes, or in Joe’s case, no coherent thoughts.

As the election creeps closer, the momentum seems to be shifting in Trump’s favor. Polls are swinging back towards the former president, but the GOP can’t afford to rest on their laurels. They need to be ready to sprint to the finish line because the same knives that are out for Biden will surely be turned towards Trump once the dust settles.

In a political landscape where cognitive issues are front and center, it’s no wonder the Trump campaign is smelling blood in the water. Biden may try to prove he’s not catatonic in a long interview with Stephanopoulos, but the truth is already out there for all to see. And come November 5th, it looks like Trump is gearing up for round two of Making America Great Again.

Written by Staff Reports

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