Trump Defies Gag Order, Ready for Jail to Protect Free Speech Rights

In the recent trial involving former President Donald Trump, New York prosecutors anticipate calling more witnesses to the stand for at least two more weeks. The former president openly criticized the judge’s threats of jail time, suggesting he is ready to go to jail to keep speaking out against his case. Despite being under a gag order, Trump expressed his willingness to endure imprisonment in order to defend what he believes are his First Amendment rights.

The judge issued a fine of $1,000 for violating the gag order, indicating that jail time could be the next consequence if Trump continues to defy the order. However, Trump asserted that he values the Constitution over potential incarceration. He argued that his commitment to upholding the Constitution supersedes any fear of jail time.

The prosecution informed the court that they are proceeding ahead of schedule and do not expect to call additional witnesses two weeks from the following Tuesday. Once the prosecution concludes presenting its case, Trump’s legal team will have the opportunity to call their own witnesses, potentially including the former president himself. Trump had previously stated that the gag order would prevent him from testifying, but the judge clarified that it would not hinder his ability to take the stand.

During the trial, two witnesses from the Trump Organization’s accounting department, Jeffrey McConney and Deborah Tarasoff, provided testimony regarding the organization’s financial transactions. McConney explained the process by which the organization paid back former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, while Tarasoff described the protocol for issuing checks within the organization.

When questioned by Trump’s defense attorney, McConney testified that neither Trump nor the former Chief Financial Officer directed him to classify the payments to Cohen as legal fees. This challenges the prosecution’s claims that Trump falsified business records related to the payments.

As the trial continues, the next witness for the prosecution could be questioned from Tuesday into Thursday. Trump has pleaded not guilty to the allegations brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and has consistently denied any sexual encounters with Stormy Daniels.

Written by Staff Reports

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