Trump Endorses McCarthy For House Speaker, Sends Warning To GOP

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader from California, should be given the opportunity to become the next speaker of the House, according to former President Donald Trump.

Several House Republicans have stated that they are unwilling to support Mr. McCarthy for the position of speaker. If they don't change their minds, it will make it harder for him to secure the necessary 218 votes.

"In an interview with the conservative news outlet, Trump stated that he believes that Mr. McCarthy deserves to be given the opportunity to become the next speaker of the House. He also said that he hopes that the former California congressman will be able to do what everyone wants him to do."

Trump and McCarthy had a disagreement during a briefing after the House leader criticized the former president's role in the attack on the US Capitol.

After their disagreement, McCarthy reportedly went to Trump's South Florida home to try and resolve the issue.

Trump claimed that he is friendly with the five Republican congressmen who are against McCarthy. These include Georgia's Matt Gaetz, South Carolina's Ralph Norman, Arizona's Andy Biggs, Virginia's Bob Good, and Montana's Matt Rosendale.

Despite their differences, Trump stated that he is friendly with the members of the group who are against McCarthy. He also claimed that he has told them that they are playing a dangerous game.

Trump suggested that the holdouts consider an alternative candidate to McCarthy. He cited the example of John Boehner ceding the leadership position to Paul Ryan in 2015.

Although Ryan helped Trump deliver his tax overhaul, he has been critical of the former President in recent months. His criticism came after several Trump-backed candidates did poorly in the midterm election.

Trump warned that a potential leadership change could lead to disastrous consequences. He cited the example of the Paul Ryan-Boehner situation.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, McCarthy said that he is doing his own version of arm-twisting in an attempt to convince the holdouts to come together. He noted that if they don't, the investigations and legislation of the House would be put in jeopardy.

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