Trump Endorses Trent Staggs to Replace Romney in Utah Senate Race

Former President Donald Trump recently made headlines by endorsing a new candidate to take over from U.S. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT). Trump put out his endorsement on Truth Social on Saturday, April 28, 2024.

In his message, Trump didn’t mince words about Romney, whom he called a “total loser.” He threw his support behind Trent Staggs, the current mayor of Riverton, Utah, describing him as “100% MAGA” and the right person to fill Romney’s seat in the Senate. Trump praised Staggs for his business success and his tenure as mayor, touting his abilities in creating jobs, controlling inflation, boosting the economy, and securing the border.

The endorsement comes at a crucial moment in Utah politics, with Romney’s retirement creating a vacuum in the Senate. The endorsement by Trump is seen as a significant move in shaping the future direction of the Republican party in the state. It is clear that Trump and Romney have contrasting political ideologies, with Romney distancing himself from Trump during his presidency.

Romney’s decision not to seek re-election for a Senate term can be partly attributed to his strained relationship with Trump. The former president’s influence in the Republican party played a role in pushing Romney towards retirement. Trump welcomed Romney’s announcement with enthusiasm, stating that it was positive news for America, Utah, and the Republican Party. He critiqued Romney’s service, emphasizing a desire for a new direction in representation for Utah in the Senate. 


In endorsing Staggs, Trump aims to further solidify his influence in shaping the Republican landscape and ensuring that individuals aligned with his vision are in positions of power. This move underscores the ongoing divisions within the Republican party and sets the stage for a new chapter in Utah politics under Trump’s endorsement.

Written by Staff Reports

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