Trump Exposes “Phoney” Fani’s Affair, Slams CNN’s RICO Bid Against Him

In a scathing Truth Social post on Sunday, former President Trump didn’t hold back as he called out Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for her politically motivated indictment plans. Trump, always one for wordplay, mocked Willis, referring to her as “Phoney Fani” and drawing attention to her alleged affair with a gang member. It seems that Willis has been too busy with personal matters to focus on the real problems facing Atlanta – the staggering number of murders.

“Why is ‘Phoney’ Fani Willis, the severely underperforming D.A. of Fulton County who is being accused of having an ‘affair’ with a Gang Member of a group that she is prosecuting, leaking my name in regard to a Grand Jury pertaining to Election Fraud & Irregularities that I say took place in Georgia,” Trump sarcastically questioned in his post. He then reminded everyone of his infamous “Perfect Phone Call,” emphasizing that Willis should be directing her attention towards the actual crimes being committed in Atlanta.

But, of course, the liberal media couldn’t resist reporting that Willis had gathered evidence linking members of Trump’s legal team to a voting system breach in Coffee County. CNN, always itching to take a jab at Trump, claimed that she had text messages and emails “directly connecting” the two parties. This supposed evidence has led Willis to consider filing state racketeering charges against Trump and his associates under the RICO act.

Trump was quick to hit back at these allegations, insisting that any election interference in Fulton County was perpetrated by those who rigged and stole the election, not him. According to the former president, he was merely expressing his concerns about the rigged election and looking for justice. He even offered to present the “Massive and Conclusive Proof” to the grand jury if they were interested, but apparently the publicity-seeking D.A. isn’t interested in that.

It’s no surprise that Trump also took a swipe at the corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ) and accused them of trying to keep Biden in office. In his eyes, the whole system is dishonest and broken. It’s clear that Trump continues to fight back against the injustices he believes were committed during the 2020 election, and he won’t let partisan indictments stop him. Perhaps Phoney Fani should take a step back and prioritize the safety of Atlanta residents instead of wasting time on a politically motivated witch hunt.

Written by Staff Reports

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