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Trump Finally Starts Posting on Truth Social, His Own Social Media Channel

Truth Social’s main draw has finally come, around approximately two months after it was initially announced.

After being noticeably missing since the service’s inauguration in middle month of February, Donald Trump eventually started posting on Truth Social, his own independent social networking channel, on Friday.

“I’M BACK!” exclaims the narrator. Trump used Truth Social to post a photo of himself. He also included the hashtag “#COVFEFE” at the end of the post, a nod to the strange tweet he sent before being blocked from Twitter social platform in 2017.

Before the official launch of Truth Social on February 21, the 45th president posted on it. However, it’s his only post on the network for months, prompting many to wonder why Donald Trump wasn’t making use of his own social media network.

He has written more than a hundred “truths” and “retruths” – Truth Social’s variation of “tweets” and “retweets” – since publicly announcing himself “back” on Friday.

Trump’s tweets include thanking a couple who recently married at Mar-a-Lago, tweeting a generic Truth Social user’s handle without context, and boasting about Truth Social hitting the top of Apple’s App Store.

Truth Social had been struggling before this week, with app downloads plummeting. During this time, the platform also lost two important technical executives who resigned.

However, only days before Trump’s return to the platform, the app resurfaced in Apple’s App Store charts, finally rising to number one.

As soon as it was announced that Elon Musk would be purchasing Twitter, Trump issued a statement to Fox News stating that he would not return to the platform where he had been banned, even if a Musk-owned Twitter restored his account.

Musk even took notice of Truth Social’s quick ascension to the top of the App Store rankings and addressed it on Twitter.

It’s unknown what caused Truth Social’s meteoric climb in the App Store. It may be even more difficult for Trump’s platform to carve out a social niche now that his most ardent fans applaud Musk’s upcoming takeover of Twitter.

But, for the time being, Trump and his crew are savoring the app’s unexpected popularity.

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Written by Staff Reports

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