Trump Shakes Up Conservative Norm, Boldly Plans to End Ukraine War

Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized Donald Trump’s stance on the war in Ukraine, saying that it would compromise conservative values. Pence argued that by ending the war, Trump would be embracing a policy of appeasement and disregarding the United States’ role as a global leader. It seems that Pence believes that a conservative position is to continue the conflict in Ukraine. This perspective might explain why Pence’s run for presidency didn’t receive much attention or support.

Pence highlighted the potential consequences of ending the war, suggesting that it would allow Russia to expand its influence and threaten American national security. He expressed concern that if the Ukrainian military failed to repel the Russian invasion, American soldiers might be forced to engage in combat under the NATO Treaty. Pence’s remarks conveyed his conviction that a strong stance against Russia is necessary to protect American interests.

Trump’s promise to end the war within 24 hours was met with skepticism not only from Pence but also from Nikki Haley, a Republican In Name Only (RINO). Haley dismissed Trump’s claim as ridiculous and pointed out the impracticality of such a quick resolution to the conflict. These criticisms highlight the challenges faced by Trump’s unconventional approach to foreign policy.

On the other hand, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham reiterated his support for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of American allies standing with the country in its struggle against Russian aggression. Graham recognized that the outcome of the war would have significant implications for national security, as it would send a message to other global players like China.

In this news story, Pence’s critique of Trump’s position on the war in Ukraine reveals some divisions within the Republican Party regarding foreign policy. Pence’s concerns about appeasement and the potential threats to American interests align him with more traditional conservative perspectives. However, Trump’s unconventional approach and promises to prioritize American interests first have attracted significant support as well.

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