Trump Slams FBI Focus on Right-Wing Extremism, Praises NYPD and LAPD

Former President Donald Trump criticized the FBI for focusing on right-wing extremism instead of the “radical left” during recent anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses. He claimed that the law enforcement should prioritize the left’s activities and movement, which he described as “radical left lunatics.”

Trump also commended New York and Los Angeles police departments for breaking up campus occupations at Columbia University and the University of California, Los Angeles. He mentioned that the left, not the right, is causing the problems, and urged the authorities to stop these movements from getting worse.

In response, President Joe Biden addressed the issue, stating that while there is a right to protest, there is no right to chaos or destruction of property. He condemned the vandalism, trespassing, and intimidation associated with the protests, emphasizing that these activities are against the law.

The FBI Director, Christopher Wray, had expressed concerns about right-wing extremism, which Trump disputed. Wray stated that the FBI shares intelligence about specific threats of violence with campuses and local law enforcement, without directly monitoring protests.

Several Republican senators sent a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging them to protect Jewish students on college campuses, citing violations of federal laws against discrimination and support for terrorism.

Trump also questioned whether the anti-Israel demonstrators would receive the same treatment as those involved in the Capitol incursion. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has aggressively prosecuted individuals linked to the 2021 Capitol incident.

The former president’s comments reflect his perspective on law enforcement and government responses to left-wing movements on college campuses.

Written by Staff Reports

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