Trump Slams Fox for Keeping Paul Ryan, Demands Change for Network Trust

Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet, this time aiming his sights squarely at Fox News and its board of directors. The former president blasted Fox Corp. for keeping the wishy-washy, good-for-nothing Paul Ryan on its board, suggesting that as long as Ryan remains, trust in the network will continue to plummet among conservatives. According to Trump, Paul Ryan is the epitome of failure—flubbing his role as House Speaker and showing extreme disloyalty to the conservative cause.

Let’s not forget, Paul Ryan’s history of mediocrity began long before his stint as Speaker of the House. This is the same guy who partnered up with Romney in the 2012 presidential campaign, only to end up as the “L’s” in a landslide loss. Romney wasn’t great either, but Trump argues that Ryan somehow made him look even worse, which is quite an accomplishment when you think about it. 


Trump didn’t stop there. He turned to Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, practically begging them to kick Ryan to the curb. According to Trump, all Fox needs to MAGA it up is, well, Trump himself. It’s pretty clear—Ryan’s out, Trump’s in, and suddenly, Fox News becomes the trustworthy paragon of journalism it’s meant to be.

Adding fuel to the fire, Ryan recently took to the airwaves on Fox News, showing just how far he’s strayed from his so-called conservative roots. He had the audacity to say Trump puts himself above the Constitution, showing once again how out of touch he is with the core values conservatives hold dear. In Ryan’s latest display of disloyalty, he declared he wouldn’t vote for Trump and would instead write in another Republican’s name.

As if anyone needed another reason to doubt Paul Ryan. Yet, Fox News still chooses to hang onto him. Meanwhile, real conservatives are left scratching their heads, wondering when the Murdoch family will finally wise up and show Ryan the exit he so richly deserves.

Written by Staff Reports

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