Trump UNLEASHES on Joe Biden After Hateful Speech

Donald Trump unleashed his fury on President Joe Biden after the current president delivered a speech in Pennsylvania where he repeatedly attacked Trump and "MAGA Republicans", despite having previously pledged to bring Americans together.

During his speech in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Biden called Trump a "threat to democracy." The outgoing former president responded to this accusation by posting a response on his Truth Social website.

As he harshly criticized what he termed a "awkward and angry" address, he raged that Biden must be "insane" and wondered aloud whether the aging president might be suffering from "late-stage dementia." He also criticized the speech as being "awkward and angry."

The criticism was delivered by Biden while he stood on a stage in front of intimidating dark red lighting. This prompted Benny Johnson, a political commentator on the right, to wonder whether the organizers were trying to make Biden "look evil."

Bobby Burack made the observation that CNN had "adjusted" the color temperature of the lighting in their coverage in order to "make Biden's blood-red background look pink and less Nazi-like."

Biden only really emerges from his sleepy dream when he is making fun of Trump or Republicans, despite the fact that there is a lot to discuss, from inflation levels that have never been seen before to an imminent recession.
It's an old defense, but it never gets old: "if you think I'm bad, he's worse."

While Joe Biden was delivering his outburst, there was a hint of polite applause in the background, but it was completely drowned out by yells of "let's go Brandon!" and even "F*** Joe Biden".


Written by Staff Reports

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