Trump’s Legal Team Exposes Michael Cohen’s Inconsistencies in Courtroom Clash

Trump’s legal eagles continue to shred Michael Cohen’s credibility like a pile of junk mail. The media is even admitting that Cohen’s pants are on fire when it comes to truthiness.

A rewind back to Cohen’s past flubs brings us to the time he sang in front of Congress, swearing he’d never beg Trump for a pardon. Lo and behold, the very next day his lawyers were playing clean-up on aisle Cohen, fixing his fibs.




During the latest episode of Cohen vs. Trump’s legal wizards, a key moment emerged when Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, pressed Cohen on the details of a supposed chat with Trump. Cohen fumbled like a quarterback in a hailstorm, unsure about an alleged convo where Trump supposedly gave the thumbs-up to pay off Stormy Daniels.

Previously, the tale spun by prosecutors claimed Cohen dialed up Trump’s bodyguard to chat with the big boss about the hush money. But hold up, Blanche busted out the shovel and started digging. He pointed out text messages between Cohen and a teenage prankster, exposing Cohen’s call to the bodyguard as more about nuisance calls than secret deals.

Cohen’s tap dance routine included claiming the brief chat had a two-in-one agenda. But Blanche wasn’t buying it, emphasizing that the truth doesn’t care about Cohen’s beliefs. The courthouse drama is set to wrap up soon, with Cohen clocking out next Monday.

As for Trump, he’s taking a day off on Friday to catch his son Barron’s graduation. The finale of this legal soap opera is on the horizon, with Trump’s squad prepping to lay out their defense on Monday. Both sides might just drop the mic with closing arguments as early as Tuesday.

Exiting the courtroom, Trump dished to the press that the day’s events unveiled the whole thing as a charade. Stay tuned for more updates as this legal rodeo rolls on!

Written by Staff Reports

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