Trump’s Popularity Soars: Black Community Floods with Support!

Former President Donald Trump, in his typical boastful fashion, is claiming that he has gained significant support from the Black community, thanks to his recent mugshot release. Trump made these bold claims during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, where he confidently declared, “Many Democrats are with me…because of what they’ve done, many Democrats will be voting for Trump.”

Trump didn’t stop there. He went on to assert that his support among minority communities, such as the Black and Hispanic communities, has skyrocketed. He exclaimed, “The Black community is so different for me since that mugshot was taken. I don’t know if you’ve seen the polls, my polls with the Black community have gone up four and five times.” He also praised the Hispanic community, stating that they have been “unbelievable” to him since the release of his mugshot.

Naturally, the left-leaning CNN couldn’t resist fact-checking Trump’s claims. According to CNN’s analysis, national public polls do not support Trump’s assertions. While some post-mugshot polls did show a slight uptick in Black support for Trump, these increases were within the polls’ margin of error. CNN suggests that it’s unclear whether there was a genuine improvement or just statistical noise. Of course, CNN conveniently glosses over the fact that Trump’s support in general has been on the rise since his indictments.

It comes as no surprise that the Trump campaign has not responded to CNN’s fact-check report. After all, why validate the left-leaning media’s attempt to undermine Trump’s popularity? The American people, particularly those in the Black and Hispanic communities, know better than to believe CNN’s biased analysis. Trump remains the Republican party’s front runner and is currently tied with President Joe Biden in general election polls, despite the media’s continuous attacks on him.

In the end, Trump’s claim of increased support from the Black community may not have been backed up by concrete data, but it certainly speaks to his undeniable charisma and ability to connect with diverse groups of Americans. It’s clear that Trump’s impact on American politics is far from over, and the left can continue to underestimate him at their own peril.

Written by Staff Reports

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