Tuberville Takes on Pentagon’s Abortion Madness!

In a bold and principled move, Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama has been standing up against the Pentagon’s outrageous and illegal abortion policy. Can you believe that the Biden administration actually wants to use taxpayer dollars to pay for service members and their dependents to have abortions? It’s absurd! But Tuberville, being the fearless defender of the rule of law that he is, has been holding up military promotions and nominees to put a stop to this madness.

Despite numerous phone calls and discussions with the Department of Defense, the Biden administration has shown no signs of willingness to change their stance. They continue to spread lies and smear Senator Tuberville, simply because he wants to uphold the law and protect taxpayers’ hard-earned money. It’s typical of this administration to prioritize woke politics over the well-being of our military.

But that’s not all. Last week, it was revealed that the Biden administration decided to reverse plans to move Space Command from Colorado to Alabama. And who was leading the charge against this decision? None other than Senator Tuberville. It’s interesting to note that one of Colorado’s Democratic senators, Michael Bennet, has been among Tuberville’s most vocal critics. But let’s not forget that Colorado is one of the most pro-abortion states in the country. It’s no surprise that they would lash out at anyone who dares to defend the sanctity of life.

Of course, the Biden administration and their allies in the mainstream media are trying to spin this decision as a matter of “national security” and “readiness.” But we all know the truth. This administration’s failed priorities have already harmed our military readiness. And choosing to keep Space Command in Colorado instead of Alabama, which the Department of Defense has determined to be the best location, only further proves their lack of commitment to our national security.

It’s important to note that Senator Tuberville has done his homework and presented the facts. The U.S. Air Force conducted an extensive search for the best location for Space Command, and Redstone in Alabama ranked number one. Even General James Dickinson, commander of Space Command, confirmed that Alabama was the top choice. So, it’s clear that this decision to keep Space Command in Colorado is purely political.

The mainstream media has been quick to undermine Senator Tuberville’s efforts and portray the Republican Party as being in disarray. But Tuberville’s office has remained vigilant, fact-checking the false narratives spread by pro-abortion Democrats like Senator Bennet. They have also received widespread support from colleagues in both the House and the Senate, as well as thousands of veterans who have expressed their solidarity.

The Biden administration’s stubbornness is evident in a memo obtained by The Hill, where Secretary Austin discusses the need for new strategies to “mitigate the harms” caused by their abortion policy. But nowhere does it appear that they are willing to listen to Senator Tuberville and abide by the law. It’s clear that they are more interested in pushing their radical agenda than in upholding the right to life and the rule of law.

But Senator Tuberville is not backing down. In a recent appearance on Fox News, he reaffirmed his commitment to standing his ground and fighting for what is right. The battle over Space Command is far from over, and Chairman Mike Rogers of the House Armed Services Committee has launched an investigation into the decision. It’s time to hold the Biden administration accountable and put an end to their reckless and illegal abortion policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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