Tucker Carlson: The Next Republican Nominee for President in 2024?

Tucker Carlson, the famous conservative commentator, has recently departed from his highly-rated program "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Fox News. Nevertheless, there is speculation that he may enter the 2024 presidential race, which many on the right believe is likely. 

Conservative commentator Stephen L. Miller tweeted "He's running," and several other media figures on the right echoed this sentiment. White House Correspondent for RealClearNews Phillips Wegmann commented that "It significantly changes the GOP 2024 primary overnight," and conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt suggested that people should "Keep an eye out for speeches in the Granite State," which refers to New Hampshire. Despite Carlson previously playing down the notion of running for president, several of his colleagues and political strategists have touted his chances of being the Republican nominee.

Carlson's communication style, which is both charismatic and straightforward, has earned him a devoted following. He is currently the highest-rated cable television host in the US, with an estimated 3.2 million viewers tuning in to his show every night in March of 2023. Given these figures, he would undoubtedly be a leading contender for the Republican nomination. 

His potential rivals include Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis and even former President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, if Carlson decides to enter the 2024 Republican primary, many believe that he would be a powerful candidate with a massive platform. 

Although he has denied any interest in pursuing a political career, stating that his ambition is to write his script, Carlson has acknowledged feeling irritated by certain issues and desiring change. Consequently, a presidential bid cannot be entirely ruled out.

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