Tucker Exposes Pelosi’s 6th Jan Plot: Capitol Chaos Deliberately Orchestrated?

In a recent episode on X, formerly known as Twitter, the brilliant Tucker Carlson reveals that his interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund on Fox News inexplicably never saw the light of day. But fear not, dear conservatives, because Tucker invited Sund back for another engaging conversation about the events of January 6, 2021.

During this nearly hour-long discussion, there were several eye-opening moments that deserve our attention. Carlson astutely questions why Ray Epps, who was caught on tape “instigating others to break the law,” remains a free man while law-abiding citizens are relentlessly pursued by law enforcement. It’s a poignant demonstration of the double standards that exist within our justice system.

As the conversation delved deeper, it became even more apparent that there was a larger conspiracy at play. Sund revealed that military leaders had discussions about locking down the city days before the infamous Capitol riot. Oddly enough, Sund, the Capitol Police Chief, was left completely in the dark about these plans. It raises an important question – why were key individuals not informed about the potential violence? Was it intentional? The wheels of suspicion begin to turn.

But it doesn’t end there, folks. Sund went on to shockingly expose Defense Secretary Miller’s actions on January 4th. Instead of equipping the National Guard with the necessary tools to address potential civil unrest, Miller actually restricted them from carrying any weapons or civil disobedience equipment. Now, why on earth would he do that? It defies all logic. Unless, of course, someone wanted chaos to ensue for their personal political gain. It’s a deeply troubling revelation.

Of course, the blame doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of Miller. Carlson rightly points out that other federal agencies purposefully withheld critical information from Sund, the person in charge of Capitol security. And let’s not forget the 71 minutes that Speaker Pelosi shamefully refused to allow the National Guard to be deployed. These are glaring questions that demand answers. And yet, it seems that no one is eager to uncover the truth behind these security failures.

Finally, let us not overlook the role of the infamous Rep. Nancy Pelosi in this entire debacle. It becomes increasingly evident that she played a significant part in the security failures we witnessed on January 6. Her refusal to act swiftly and responsibly calls into question her true intentions. It’s just another example of the Democrats’ disregard for law and order.

If you’re seeking an in-depth exploration of these issues, I implore you to watch the full interview below. Carlson fearlessly asks the tough questions that the mainstream media conveniently ignores. It’s time for the American people to receive the truth they deserve. After all, transparency is the foundation of a healthy democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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