Tucker Receives SHOCKING Offer From Major Network

Tucker Carlson, the former Fox News host, has been offered a job with a salary up to three times more than what he was making at Fox News. One America News (OAN) has reportedly offered Carlson $25 million to join their network. OAN CEO and founder Robert Herring told The Times of San Diego that he would “give him around $25 million” and that Carlson “would be well worth that!” OAN also tweeted that “Fox News’ loss could be [OAN’s] gain.”

The news of Carlson’s potential salary has many conservatives celebrating. After all, Carlson is one of the most popular conservative voices in the country and his departure from Fox News was a huge blow to the conservative movement. It is no surprise that OAN is willing to pay such a large sum for his services.

However, not everyone is thrilled about the news. Some are questioning whether OAN can afford to pay Carlson such a high salary. After all, the network recently lost its deal with DirecTV, which could limit its ability to pay for top-tier talent. Additionally, OAN is currently facing a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, which could also limit its budget for such a big name.

Despite these issues, it appears that Carlson may still be interested in joining OAN. Former Fox News host and founder of The Blaze, Glenn Beck, has also extended an invitation to Carlson to join his network. During his Monday show, Beck said “We would love to have you here. You won’t miss a beat. And together, the two of us will tear it up. Just tear it up.”

It is clear that Tucker Carlson is in high demand and that conservatives are eager to have him back on the airwaves. With OAN offering such a generous salary and Glenn Beck extending an invitation, it looks like Carlson will have plenty of options when it comes to his next job. It remains to be seen where he will end up, but one thing is certain: conservatives everywhere will be cheering him on no matter what he decides.

Written by Staff Reports

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