Tucker RIPS Merrick Garland Over Outrageous Lie

During Wednesday’s evening broadcast, Tucker Carlson revealed that Attorney General Merrick Garland made a misleading and baseless assertion about the death of five police officers on January 6th. Carlson emphasized the grave predicament that arises when our Attorney General, whose duty is founded on veracity, is propagating falsehoods.

Carlson further remarked that the circumstances surrounding the demise of Officer Brian Sicknick remain unclear, and no one has provided an explanation for it. Additionally, after examining the previously suppressed video evidence, Carlson pointed out that there is no concrete evidence that Trump supporters attacked and killed Officer Sicknick at the Capitol.

Following this, Carlson criticized both the White House and Joe Biden’s Attorney General for endorsing this deceitful claim. He played a recording of Garland lying and expressed “That’s just not some man on Twitter. That’s the Attorney General of America. That’s a guy whose honesty is central to his job.”

Carlson further questioned the identities of the other four officers Garland mentioned, pointing out that their autopsies have never been presented or discussed publicly. He then proposed that these officers actually committed suicide after January 6th and that their deaths were not linked to the Republican crowd at the Capitol.

It is outrageous and unacceptable for the Biden Administration to spread such blatant lies about the events of January 6th. It is even more concerning when these lies come from the Attorney General of the United States, whose job relies on truth and integrity. It is clear that this Administration is more concerned with pushing their own political agenda than with providing accurate information to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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