Tucker’s Bold Prediction: 2024 Election Won’t Be Trump vs Biden!

Tucker Carlson, a prominent conservative commentator, recently voiced his concerns regarding the upcoming 2024 election. He cautioned that this election would not simply feature Joe Biden facing off against Donald Trump. Speaking at an event in Delaware, Carlson pointed out that despite relentless political attacks and legal actions against Trump, Biden was trailing in the polls. He remarked, "They have employed every legal means, which to be perfectly frank, often seem extralegal and reminiscent of Third World tactics, to sideline their opponent, and yet they are still facing defeat."

In addition to his election concerns, Carlson also expressed apprehension about the potential entry of California Governor Gavin Newsom into the race, stating, "If it turns out to be Gavin Newsom, our concerns should run deep. That individual is genuinely alarming, and I mean it." Carlson believed that the journey to November 2024 would be fraught with unforeseen developments, with everything hanging in the balance. He also touched upon the Democratic Party's progressive positions on issues like abortion and transgender surgeries for minors, characterizing it as a "spiritual battle."

Carlson's warning echoed earlier predictions made by radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt. Earlier in the year, Hewitt had drawn parallels between the possibility of Biden withdrawing from the race and President Lyndon Johnson's decision in 1968, when he stepped aside after an unconvincing performance in the first Democratic primary contest. Hewitt suggested that Biden might exit the race amid growing controversies surrounding his family's overseas business dealings. He also raised the prospect of Biden pardoning his son and announcing his non-reelection bid.

While the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024 appeared less likely, Republican Senator Ted Cruz had proposed that Michelle Obama could be brought in to replace Biden. Nevertheless, the precise plans of the Democratic Party remained uncertain, and, as the saying goes, "A cornered rat is the most dangerous."

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