Vance Blasts GOP Defectors for Backing $95B “Impeach Trump” Bill

GOP Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio was practically seeing double when he got wind of the proposed $95 billion military aid package that includes about $60 billion for Ukraine. And let’s just say it didn’t sit well with him or his Republican colleagues in Congress, not one bit.

You see, on Sunday, the Senate took a vote to push the legislation forward, and get this – 18 Republicans sided with the Democrats. Can you believe it? A whopping 18! The bill itself is expected to be up for a vote by Wednesday, according to Reuters.

In a Monday post, Vance didn’t hold back, folks. He warned about an impeachment “time bomb” hidden within the bill, just waiting for the next Trump presidency. The nerve! He even sent a memo to every single one of his Republican buddies in Congress, urging them to vote against what he called a “disastrous bill.” And he’s not wrong, folks.

Vance went on to elaborate that buried deep within the bill is an insurance policy that would practically make it illegal for Trump to handle Ukraine the way he sees fit. Like, seriously? Vance expressed his concerns that if Trump were to dare withdraw or pause financial support for Ukraine, the Democrats would pounce and seize the opportunity to impeach him once again. It’s like déjà vu!

The nerve-wracking part is that the current military aid bill being mulled over by the Senate includes a hefty $13.7 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance initiative and a cool $1.6 billion through the State Department, all with a deadline of September 2025 – just nine months into Trump’s hypothetical second term.

Vance pulled no punches as he warned his colleagues that the bill represents an attempt by the foreign policy deep state to stifle President Trump and potentially even provide grounds to impeach him. Can you believe it? And you better believe Vance is urging all Republicans to oppose the passage of this bill outright. It’s like a political thriller, folks, and America deserves better.

And speaking of America, folks, a word from our Deputy Managing Editor: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn gave a sobering comment recently, suggesting that we might not even see an election in 2024. Can you believe it? The stakes have never been higher, and America is in for the fight of its life. Now’s the time to hang together, or as Benjamin Franklin said, we’ll all hang separately. The fight is on, and we’re counting on you to join us.

That’s all for now, folks. Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter in this nail-biting political saga. Stay tuned!

Written by Staff Reports

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