WATCH: Biden Throws Tantrum As Crowd Member Needs Medical Attention

During a medical emergency, Biden throws a temper tantrum.

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It's no surprise that President Biden doesn't seem concerned about the needs of the crowd. He seems like he's comfortable with the way Americans feel.

We Love Trump. During a recent rally, Biden had a medical emergency that made the President appear irritable. It's possible that "Rally" is a little ambitious since we don't actually see the actual crowd sizes.

This poor excuse for a president when a medical emergency occurs is met with disdain and anger. Unlike Trump's massive crowd draws, there are thousands of people who show up at his rallies. A man who genuinely cares about his constituents.

According to a report by, Trump held a rally in Wyoming to support Harriet Hageman, who is running against Liz Cheney for the lone Congressional seat in the state.

Trump endorsed Hageman during the primary.

On Twitter, the director of programming of RSBNetwork claimed that Trump's rally in Wyoming was the largest in the state's history. An event announcer claimed that the event had the largest crowd in Wyoming history. As Trump was taking the stage, the announcer said that the event had the largest crowd in the state. He then asked the people of Wyoming to welcome the 45th president of the United States.

Dan Scavino Jr. posted a video of the crowd size on his Twitter account. Trump responded to the reports about the event on Sunday, saying that it was the biggest in Wyoming history. He also referred to it as an "Incredible Energy" event.

While Biden was reportedly throwing a temper tantrum because of a medical emergency that occurred during his rally, Trump was able to address the crowd and endorse a true patriot for Congress. It's clear who the real leader is, and it's not the corrupt and weak liberal like Biden who only cares about pushing their agenda.

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