WATCH: Dave Chappelle Triggers Leftists With SNL Monologue

In addition to making everyone mad, Dave Chappelle’s return to Saturday Night Live has also caused some controversy. The show's writers threatened to boycott his appearance, which is a clear indication of the industry's partisan nature.

Comedian Dave Chappelle showed up to tape an episode of his show. He discussed why some people trust Donald Trump. Throughout the segment, which was very informative, the audience kept rolling along as he delivered his usual standup.

There are people on the left who are trying to find something positive to say about Chappelle. Naturally, they would like to see him removed from the show.

While he tried to avoid talking about the controversial topic of race, he also defended Kanye West's antisemitic statements through his standup comedy.

After entering the room, Chappelle read a statement, which denounced antisemitism in all its forms. He also stood with his friends in the Jewish community.

As a comedian, Chappelle was able to take a situation and make fun of it.

A comedian's ability to connect to today's society through controversial topics is what makes a joke funny. If he were just talking about fart jokes throughout his career, people would not know his name.

One of the most important factors that people have to consider when it comes to discussing anti-Semitism is the intent behind the statements. In the case of Kanye, it is possible that he or she is trying to stir up another Holocaust, or maybe they were just telling jokes. However, canceling the appearances of people who could potentially be considered anti-Semitic is an overreaction.

Unfortunately, some outlets, such as The Daily Beast, are not giving Dave Chappelle the same amount of grace. They are outraged by his recent Netflix special, which featured a joke about the transgender lobby. This is why they would like to see him removed from the show.

Originally reported by RedState.

Written by Staff Reports

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