WATCH: Kamala Fumbles Through Yet Another Public Speech

The latest example of how unqualified both the president and the vice president are is Kamala Harris, who was let go from the bunker. She failed both positions, which is not surprising given that Joe Biden had tasked her with improving border security and COVID vaccination rates.

During a visit to Highland Park, Illinois, following a mass shooting that occurred on the Fourth of July, she delivered another ‘Veep’ moment. She told the reporters that they had to take the situation seriously.

During her interview with CBS News, she was asked about the rising cost of living. The Biden administration had claimed that it was a period of “transitory” inflation. However, this was a fabrication, just like the White House.

During her meeting with European leaders, Harris made a mistake regarding Ukraine, which was invaded by Russia in February. She stated that it was a country that was part of Europe, and that Russia was a powerful nation that wanted to invade it.

She has been incredibly painful to watch.

During her speech, she discussed the topic of climate change and how it has affected California’s water policy. She stated that the state should diversify its approach to managing its water resources.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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