WATCH: Megyn Kelly RIPS Kim Kardashian For Balenciaga Ties

Megyn Kelly called out Kim Kardashian on Tuesday for refusing to denounce the fashion brand Balenciaga. The host of The Megyn Kelly Show said that money was more important than her morals and that she was a shameful billionaire because she refused to dissociate herself from the company.

During the interview, Kelly referred to a recent campaign for the brand that featured photos of children wearing various accessories, including wine glasses and toys that looked like child pornography. Legal documents related to a case involving child pornography were also spotted in one of the images.

Despite the controversy surrounding the campaign, Kardashian still remains a part of the company. According to Kelly, it was because she was desperate to look like a high-fashion model. She said that she was envious of her sister, who was already a prominent model. She also said that she was a "wannabe" on the modeling front before she got involved with the brand.

The campaign was also said to be misogynistic as it featured a woman wearing an entirely covered face. Kelly noted that it was very disturbing for her to see a woman wearing such a hideous outfit, especially since there was somebody sick in the company who was working on the design. However, she added that she believed that it was her vanity that was keeping her from saying goodbye to the industry.

After the controversy erupted, Kardashian responded by saying that she was re-evaluating her relationship with the brand. She also thanked the company for its apology and for removing the campaigns. She noted that she was worried about the ads, but added that she was pleased that the company had taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

The company then sued the production company and the designer of the ads for $25 million. It claimed that they had used the court documents without permission.

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