WATCH: Rand Paul Grills FBI Over “Collusion” With Facebook for Monitoring Conservatives

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday after it was reported that the agency had been colluding with Facebook.

During a senate hearing, Paul criticized the FBI for collecting private communications between individuals without a warrant. He said that it was against the law for social media companies and Facebook to provide such information to the agency. However, it was also illegal for the FBI to receive it.

According to the New York Post, Facebook monitored the private conversations of individuals who questioned the results of the presidential election in 2020. The company then passed the information to the FBI. The allegations against the FBI were detailed in a report released by the House Judiciary Committee, which was composed of Republicans.

The report also criticized the FBI for allegedly trying to suppress reports about the presidential election that were made by the New York Post. One of these included a report about a laptop that was left by Hunter Biden.

During the hearing, Paul asked the FBI director if the agency was collecting information that it was not allowed to obtain through the warrant process. He then asked if the agency used the information as a basis for obtaining a warrant. Christopher Wray admitted that the FBI received “tips” from companies, which they then used to start “lawful processes.”

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