WATCH: Tucker Carlson Digs Into SHOCKING Hunter Biden Email

The New York Post's Miranda Devine was able to read Hunter Biden's emails and found one that stood out. It covered Russia, Ukraine, and the UK. It was long and well-thought-out.

"On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson, the host of "Tucker Carlson Live," stated that it was "very likely" that Biden received classified information from his father."

According to Carlson, he used the information to make money for Biden's family while he was working as a fake employee in Ukraine. Devine noted that it was written around a month before he got his job at Burisma.

"""Hunter Biden sent an email to Devon Archer, his business partner at Burisma, on April 13, 2014. It came just a week before his father, Joe Biden, was to meet with the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In the email, Hunter detailed a variety of data points about the situation in Ukraine.

After reading through his entire laptop, Miranda Devine of the New York Post noted that the email was not similar to anything that Biden had written in the past. It sounded like an official State Department document.

In the email, Hunter Biden referenced the strategic values of establishing a land bridge between Russia and Crimea.

In the email, Hunter noted that the sanctions would not directly affect his company's operations in the UK. However, it would have a significant impact on the country's future exploration. He also stated that it would "further destabilize the UK" and that the US would respond with even stronger measures.

The sanctions against Russia would threaten the European Union's support, which would not be able to absorb the high energy costs."""

The email also raised a red flag because it came during a time when Biden was reportedly an active drug addict.

According to Carlson, Biden was kicked out of the Navy in February 2014 due to his substance abuse. He was reportedly incapable of staying clean for long enough to pass a drug test.

"In the email, Biden sounded like a seasoned official from the Foggy Bottom section of the State Department. He referred to Russia as "RU" and said that the US was planning on implementing even stronger sanctions against the country."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

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