White House Tries New Narrative For Debt Ceiling Crisis

The White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has been blaming mainstream media for not framing their narrative towards President Joe Biden’s favor during the debt ceiling battle. However, in her latest briefing, Jean-Pierre claimed that the crisis is a manufactured one but conveniently forgot to mention that President Biden created and manufactured this crisis, bringing the United States to the brink of default. For over two months, Biden refused to speak with Speaker Kevin McCarthy to negotiate the legislation to raise the debt ceiling, choosing to wait until the last minute to address the issue.

Jean-Pierre’s statement that the only solution is for the Congress to prevent default is worthless since it was Democrats that set the spending levels for FY2022, and those same democrats are now portraying the same spending plan as catastrophic. Moreover, on the issue of debt talks being “productive,” Jean-Pierre had nothing to offer to back up the White House’s position, portraying herself as less convincing by the day.

The Democrats voted against the Limit, Save, Grow Act, which was drafted to raise the debt ceiling, cap discretionary spending at FY2022 levels, and avoid default, which means that they voted for a default on the nation’s debt. Yet, the White House press secretary continues to attack Republicans rather than negotiate in good faith and find common ground to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling.

Jean-Pierre’s lackluster explanations and continued attacks against Republicans are not helping the debt talks in any way. The question that arises is, how does the White House expect to negotiate with Republican lawmakers by attacking them across the aisle, giving kids asthma, and exposing Americans to chemicals that literally melt bones? While Jean-Pierre peddles partisan talking points, contradictory to even her own previous statements, the White House seems to have forgotten the facts.

Overall, the White House has portrayed Biden as unconcerned with the debt ceiling, wasting months of valuable negotiating time, not willing to stay at the table over the weekend, and rushing back from his international trip to Washington when the crisis is already upon us. It is high time for the White House to take responsibility and negotiate in good faith to avoid a catastrophic default on the nation’s debt.

Written by Staff Reports

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