Why Obama was the Worst President in American History

Barack Hussein Obama was the worst president in American history. Period. As I will clearly demonstrate, his policies led to disastrous consequences for our nation and the world, and he failed in every single respect to do what was best for Americans. In fact, he did the precise opposite of what was best—and now we’re all paying the price.

Obama took office during a recession, which was an automatic problem for him.

Obama took office during a recession, which was an automatic problem for him. The recession was caused by the financial crisis and the housing crisis. This made it difficult to pass any meaningful legislation without risking defaulting on our national debt.

This problem has been worsened by Obama’s insistence on raising taxes on businesses and individuals at every turn. He has also continued to push through more regulations, which have caused many jobs to be lost as well as increased costs for consumers and businesses alike

Obama took way too long to act, and his actions were all halfhearted.

One of the biggest problems with Obama’s presidency is that he took way too long to act. He was never willing to take a stand, make a decision, or risk anything.

His inaction in the face of several crises and scandals is proof enough that he was not fit for office. There are many examples of this: when a black woman who had been beaten unconscious by police officers spoke in front of Congress; when an American ambassador was killed in Benghazi; when ISIS started slaughtering Christians across the Middle East and North Africa; when Iran threatened nuclear war—but I’ll just focus on one example here: Syria.

Obama’s response to Syria has been emblematic of his entire presidency: halfhearted rhetoric instead of real action—and even then it was all done at such snail’s pace that nothing ever got done at all!

Obama was not a critical thinker and followed the path of least resistance.

You know the saying, “the path of least resistance”? Obama is a good example of this. If a solution was easy to implement and he did not have to spend much political capital, then he would choose it without thinking about the long-term consequences.

This is why Obamacare was such an abomination: it was legislation that made things easier for people (finally providing health insurance for millions), but it did so at great cost to taxpayers who had little say in the matter and were forced into paying higher premiums and deductibles because insurers had to raise premiums as part of their mandate under Obamacare mandates. The only people benefitting from this policy were those who didn’t have insurance beforehand—and they already benefited before passing Obamacare!

Another example: if something could be done by executive order or regulation, then Obama would do just that instead of negotiating with Congress or trying to convince his party members in Congress (or even Republicans) because he knew they wouldn’t support him anyway. He also knew that if he tried something through legislation, it would take too much time to get passed through both chambers… especially if he lacked enough support from Democrats themselves!

Obama was bad at negotiation.

You may think Obama was a great negotiator, or at least not a bad one. But he was actually the worst negotiator in American history. He failed to reach any of his goals on immigration reform, gun control and climate change.

In fact, he failed to achieve any significant domestic policy reforms during his presidency.

In summary, Obama was kind of bad at everything.

In summary, Obama was kind of bad at everything. He wasn’t a critical thinker. He wasn’t a good negotiator. He took too long to act on problems that needed solving quickly, such as the financial crisis and ISIS. He had no ability to negotiate with Congress and get his agenda passed, instead relying on executive orders when he could (which just made things worse). And he was terrible at leadership in general—his approval rating was only 40% during his last year in office, but it would have been much lower if not for his consistent support from minority voters who don’t pay taxes or vote Republican anyways.


The fact is: Obama has gutted the Democratic party. His terrible leadership, weak economic policy, and lackadaisical attitude are to blame for the mess our country is in today. However, we have a unique opportunity to change course and elect a new president who will be better suited for the job of president. Luckily for us, there are many candidates running who fit this bill. We can choose from Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have plans that would restore our country’s dignity and respect around the world. We can also choose from Joe Biden or Cory Booker who each have extensive experience in foreign policy as well as domestic issues like healthcare reform and immigration reform; they deserve serious consideration as well.”

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