Will House GOP Kickstart Impeachment? Conservative Leaders Think So!

House Republicans are being urged by conservative groups to launch an impeachment investigation against Joe Biden, who they refer to as a corrupt president. In a memo shared with Breitbart News, the group noted that there are 13 reasons why an investigation is necessary. Some of these include his ties to the foreign business of his son, Hunter, and his attempt to obstruct the reporting of his 2020 presidential campaign.

This memo, which was signed by conservative leaders, accuses Biden of misconduct and lying to Americans about his family's business. It also claims that the White House is trying to suppress free speech rights and target individuals with varying political views. The signatories of the memo state that there is mounting evidence against Biden.

Some of the prominent conservatives who signed the memo included Jenny Beth Martin, the head of the Tea Party Patriots Fund, J. Kenneth Blackwell and Edwin Meese, a former US Attorney General. They believe that Joe Biden should be removed from office due to his numerous criminal activities.

The document urges Senate Republicans to act on the findings and investigations of the House. It claims that the Biden Administration is politically motivated in its investigations against individuals who oppose the president's agenda, such as former President Trump. It also claims that the former vice president and his family have been able to avoid scrutiny over their actions due to their ties to the foreign business of their son.

Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stated that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was open to launching an impeachment investigation against Biden. However, he noted that the committee was still focused on gathering facts regarding the matter.

I, as a conservative journalist, support the call for a congressional investigation into Biden's possible impeachment. His alleged involvement in his son's business ventures, as well as his attempt to suppress reporting, are very concerning. It is therefore important that the House thoroughly examines these allegations and holds Biden accountable if he has committed any wrongdoing.

The memo's signatories stated that the Biden Administration is threatening the free speech rights of Americans. They claim that the White House has been trying to suppress these rights by targeting individuals based on their political views.

The signatories of the memo, who are conservative leaders, have taken a stand for the rule of law and justice. It's important that the Senate and House Republicans follow the letter of the memo and take the necessary measures to prevent the country from being affected by criminal activities.

It has been over a year since the allegations against Biden first surfaced, and it is now time for the House to investigate him. It should gather all the facts to hold him accountable, ensure the country's democracy is not corrupted, and protect the free speech rights of Americans.

Written by Staff Reports

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