Woody Harrelson Pushes Back Against Liberal Agenda

Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson is not exactly a conservative, according to him, but he is not a fan of the liberal agenda either. In an interview with Esquire, Harrelson talked about his role in the upcoming HBO miniseries White House Plumbers and mentioned how his past canvassing for Republicans helped him understand the paranoia felt by E. Howard Hunt.

Harrelson claimed to understand the conservative mindset fueled by “a fear of communism” and “all the concern about the liberal agenda.” He described himself as “really, basically, a little bit of both,” but clarified that he considers himself an anarchist.

Harrelson is also critical of both major political parties in America, arguing they serve the interests of “bigger businessmen” rather than working for the average American. He criticized the government, saying, “I think government just usually sucks … am I wrong?” Harrelson sees even social programs as “reluctantly” supported and governments always trying to cut back on them.

Earlier this year, Harrelson faced criticism from leftist groups after expressing concerns over the pharmaceutical industry in a Saturday Night Live monologue. He proposed a script for a movie where drug cartels buy up all the media and politicians in the world, forcing people to stay in their homes and take the drugs of their choice. His proposal was considered a “crazy idea” by the actor himself.

Critics labeled Harrelson as an “anti-vaxxer” and a “conspiracy theorist” in response to the monologue. When asked about the criticism, Harrelson shrugged it off, saying he did not care and it did not change his “wonderful” life.

While he may not be a conservative Republican, it is encouraging to see a Hollywood actor acknowledging the shortcomings of the liberal agenda and the faults of big government. Perhaps there is hope for some common ground after all.

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