WOW! Dr. Phil DESTROYS Woke Teachers Live

Dr. Phil is taking a stance that will be applauded by conservatives and all parents.

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The woke elitists are working nonstop to take control of your children's education, and the war for the brains of young people is already well underway.

reports from western journals. How to treat adolescents who identify as transgender was one of the most contentious problems affecting American public school policy, and Dr. Phil McGraw entered the argument on his show on Wednesday by inviting supporters of both sides. Florida's Parental Rights in Education Law, which was passed earlier this year, was the topic of discussion. If you don't recognise it, it's because the majority of left-leaning legacy media outlets frequently refer to the rule as "Don't Say Gay."

Watch his smackdown.

This study is released in response to several accounts of the woke instructors' attempts to indoctrinate our kids.

reports the Next News network. After an awakened fourth grade teacher in Utah released a video on social media boasting about how her classroom was designed for pupils of colour, the Granite School District fired her and launched an investigation.

The teacher in issue made a video earlier this month to explain why she doesn't have any white students in her class.

“For the first time in my life, I’m going to be teaching at a majority white school. And I’m kind of interested to see how students and parents react to my classroom or if they even notice anything about it,” she said in the video.

For our children's minds and hearts, the battle continues. Dr. Phil was right to confront those progressive educators about their opinions and the notion that they hold more sway than parents. Decisions that will have an impact on our children for the rest of their lives are being made by school districts, states, and educators around the nation. When it comes to our children's minds, souls, and bodies, we as parents should have the final word. Nothing should stand in the way of what we want for our kids and what other people do with them. However, if the left has its way, we won't be able to have children and won't have any control over their future.

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