NHL Goes Woke & Promises To ‘Increase Diversity’

On Monday, the National Hockey League (NHL) published a report titled diversity & inclusion, in which it declared its commitment to implementing employment standards pertaining to race demographics, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

In the report's preface, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said, We are seeking to better understand and expedite our participation across all levels of diversity, including nationality, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, handicap, and religion.

According to the article, everyone of the NHL office staff will be required to participate in a "learning experience" over the course of two days that will focus on the mechanics of bias, privilege, and power.  An "educational experience" that is based on "diversity" and "inclusion" will also be provided to the players and the personnel working in the locker area.

Structures and cultures must adapt in order to create an inclusive workplace for everybody, as stated in the executive summary of the research.

In the paper, communist neologistic terms and acronyms are used multiple times, such as "LGBTQ+," "Black, Indigenous, and People of Color/BIPOC," "allyship," and "pansexual." In addition, it takes the left-wing style approach of capitalizing "black" but not "white," whereas right-wing style would capitalize both.

The Associated Press (AP) drew attention to the proportion of white employees working in the National Football League and characterized the "overwhelmingly white" workforce in the National Hockey League as a concern. Sports/status/1582493338296532992

According to a conclusion reached by the Associated Press in an article titled NHL, its staff 84% white, sets standard to improve diversity, hockey has a significant amount of work to do in order to boost diversity at all different levels.

In a section of their report titled COMBATING RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION THROUGH EDUCATION AND ACCOUNTABILITY, the NHL states its intention to bring about a new age of inclusion, diversity, and equality in hockey.

The term "climate change" is mentioned twice in the "diversity & inclusion" report published by the NHL.

Change might seem unpleasant, said NHL executive vice president of social impact, development initiatives, and legislative affairs Kim Davis. There have been going to be times that are really, extremely awkward, but we need to have a strategy in place for how to handle them. It is imperative that we continue to move in that direction.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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