Yang Predicts Democratic Split, Urges Biden to Step Down

Andrew Yang, the Democratic apostate turned Independent, seems to have turned into a prophet of doom for the Democrats. Predicting a massive fracturing within his former party, Yang claims the Democrats are in turmoil over Biden. According to him, the time has come for old Joe to pass the torch, just as he once hinted he would. For a party that prides itself on youthful dynamism, it’s funny how their frontrunner looks like the punchline to an AARP joke.

Yang, the techie who once thought America needed more math, finds himself now as the there of political predictions. He suggests the Democratic National Convention this year could be something out of a reality TV show – an open contest for Biden’s successor rather than the next episode of “Joe’s Journeys.” And as he sees it, there’s plenty of talent in the Democratic stable – talent that might finally tell Biden to gallop off into the sunset.

And who does Yang finger as the voice of reason? None other than Rep. Dean Phillips from the land of 10,000 lakes. Phillips bravely stood on his soapbox alone last year, shouting into a blue echo chamber that Biden should step aside. The Minnesota lawmaker, according to Yang, has been vindicated as more Democrats are seeing what Phillips saw: a need for fresh blood. Checkmate, Phillips.

Phillips hasn’t taken to the internet to bash Biden openly. Instead, he posted a Gandhi quote about silence, perhaps suggesting the fewer words said about Biden’s tenure, the better.

But Yang’s prophecy doesn’t end there. He practically begs the Democrats to avoid the embarrassing spectacle of a Biden coronation at the convention. He even invokes the revered George Washington, who wisely stepped down after two terms for the good of the nation. How touching.

And let’s not forget Marianne Williamson, the spiritual guru from the 2020 race, who chimed in that Biden deserves respect but also a one-way ticket to retirement after his debate performance.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi floats the idea of physical and mental fitness tests for both Biden and Trump. Because if there’s one thing missing from the electoral circus, it’s a geriatric decathlon.

The Democrats might want to take a page from Yang’s freedom dividend playbook and start handing out reality checks.

Written by Staff Reports

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