Yet Another Republican Calls For RESIGNATION From George Santos

In response to the allegations against George Santos, Congressman Max Miller of Ohio called on the New York Republican to resign from his position. Miller is one of the first few House Republicans outside of New York who have called on the freshman to resign.

Miller called on Santos to resign after he made false claims about his Jewish ancestry and his grandparents' escape from Nazi Germany during the Second World War. On his campaign website, Santos wrote that his grandparents fled from the Nazis and lived in Belgium.

In December, Santos backpedaled and said he was Catholic. However, he still referred to himself as "Jew-ish." He said his grandmother would often tell stories about her Jewish ancestry.

"Miller, who is Jewish, said in a statement that it was not acceptable for people to lie for political gain. He added that he did not think Santos could effectively serve in the House."

Miller's condemnation is noteworthy because many of the members who called for Santos' resignation were from New York.

Due to the allegations against Santos, he has faced increasing criticism from both parties. On Wednesday, a group of Republican members from New York called on him to resign.

Despite the criticism, Santos has maintained that he has no plans to resign from his position. He also indicated that he would run for reelection in 2024.

After defeating Robert Zimmerman, a Democrat, in November, Santos was elected to the House of Representatives. He has faced various criticism due to his inconsistencies in his resume. The criticisms only grew more intense after he admitted to lying about his background and other personal details in December.

After it was discovered that he had misspent some of his campaign funds, multiple investigations have been launched into his finances. On Tuesday, two Democrats from New York, Ritchie Torres and Dan Goldman, asked the House Ethics Committee to investigate his financial reports.

Ritchie and Goldman then introduced a bill that would make it harder for candidates to hide their background.

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