YouTube Silences Lahren, OutKick on COVID-19: The Truth They’re Hiding?

Another day, another instance of YouTube censoring conservative voices. This time, the video-sharing platform targeted Outkick, a sports media company, for daring to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines outside of the state-approved narrative. The segment in question featured Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren and host Clay Travis, but YouTube decided their thoughts weren’t fit for public consumption and removed the video for “misinformation.” It’s no surprise that the comments made about the vaccine were likely the issue. Lahren took to Twitter to express her frustration, pointing out the hypocrisy of promoting a vaccine that may not be as effective as advertised. But apparently, YouTube doesn’t want us to know that.

And it’s not just Outkick that has fallen victim to YouTube’s censorship regime. In the past, they’ve targeted high-profile commentators like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Jordan Peterson, and even the charismatic Russell Brand. Yet, CNN, MSNBC, and the other mainstream media outlets are free to spew all sorts of “misinformation” and “disinformation” without fear of being censored. It seems that YouTube is only concerned about promoting the government’s narrative when it comes to COVID-19. If you still believe YouTube cares about preventing misinformation, then I have some magic beans to sell you.

The reality is that YouTube has become part of the establishment, cozying up with the elites who run our government. Just like Facebook and Twitter, they are more than willing to do the government’s bidding, trampling on free speech along the way. They don’t care about the free expression of ideas; they care about pushing propaganda. The danger lies in the fact that many people may not even realize alternative viewpoints exist because YouTube is actively suppressing them. This censorious behavior is yet another example of how YouTube is turning into a tool of the ruling class, deceiving the public and stifling dissent. But don’t worry, as long as the authoritarian left doesn’t control the entire internet, there are still ways for us to find the information they’re trying to bury.

Written by Staff Reports

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